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Using Your Account

  • Where to find your account?
  • What's in your account?
  • How to use your account wisely?
    • What you should?
    • What you shouldn't?

    1. Where to find your account?

    My NutrienNet is the home page for your account in NutrienNet, which includes a balance sheet showing all of your transactions as well as the current balance. You can access to this home page from the main menu. Note that you may have many trading periods, including the previous and the current ones, and the balance sheet reflects all of them.

    2. What's in your account?

    Included in your balance sheet are all the transactions you have had up to the current time. The bottom line will tell you how many credits left in your account and your cash balance. A negative balance of credits means that you have to purchase more credits so that you can comply with the mandate imposed on the pollutant discharge. Reversely, a positive balance in credits means that you still have some thing valuable in your pocket and you need to sell it on the market to make more money.

    3. How to use your account wisely?

    You should:
    • Keep watching the price on the market;
    • Keep watching the credit balance in your account.
    You should NOT:
    • Have negative credits in the balance at the end to avoid a fine;
    • Have positive credits in the balance at the end when they will be of no value;
    • Place offers to sell or buy credits without looking at past and current prices on the market.